The story

One fateful afternoon in the summer of 2011, Frederic Taieb approached The Crepes Truck, where Adam Rule was cooking. Neither of the two gentlemen were happy in their jobs – Fred being an investment banker in a wild and unpredictable financial market, and Adam being a cook / driver on a wild and unpredictable food truck.

Somehow, magically, the two got talking about starting a new food business together. At first the prospect seemed far from possible – there was no way to get a permit for a new operation. Renting permits is illegal and prohibitively expensive. They found perhaps the last reasonable avenue to starting a food cart in the City, which was to apply for a permit for a specific location through the parks dept.

The new partners toiled on applications for two locations – Washington Square Park, and Bowling Green. The wonderful New York City Parks Department was clearly charmed by the business scheme presented to them, because they granted Adameric, Inc. the rights to open the GoGo Grill on Bowling Green Plaza.

The delighted partners celebrated the grand opening at Bowling Green on March 13 2013. After a few months of business Adam and Fred decided they needed more help. They hired recent Brooklyn transplant and childhood friend of Adam, Louis Rabeno to round out the team.


The location

Bowling Green is NYC’s oldest park ! There once stood a huge statue of King George the III, before the American Revolution. The story goes that the statue was toppled, and that the lead was used to make bullets for the revolutionary army. The park is now a pleasant patch of green among the financial district’s skyscrapers.

A few things about the park : it’s across the st from Battery Park, where you can catch ferries to Ellis Island, Liberty Island, and Governor’s Island. It shares a plaza with the National Museum of the American Indian. The north end of the park is the home of the famous Wall St. Bull, where millions of tourists pose for pictures on both ends of the bull.